July Article

At this time of year South Suffolk really does explode into vibrant natural splendour. It’s the open gardens season, with flora and fauna to the fore, and a chance for all of us to enjoy Suffolk at its best.

70 Years of our NHS and we will make it work

Next week we will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of our National Health Service. Wherever you stand on the detail of how we take forward our NHS with all the pressures it faces, few would surely argue with the recognition and plaudits bestowed on our great national institution in recent weeks.

Champions stepping up to save turtle doves in 2018

June has been a BIG month for turtle doves. One of the UK’s (and Europe’s) most threatened birds, their plight has inspired farmers, politicians, birders and nature-lovers to step up to help save them.

June Article

Last month I was delighted to host a meeting with Councillors from South Suffolk’s parishes regarding neighbourhood plans. The meeting, which was held at Hadleigh Town Hall, was well attended with representatives from many of the villages across the constituency.

Update from South Suffolk Taskforce

On Friday morning I chaired a session of the South Suffolk Taskforce in Sudbury Town Hall on the Sudbury Delphi site which is scheduled to close in 2020.

Not 'ideological' but quest to gauge quality of universities

This week in Parliament saw a particularly heated exchange on the subject of higher education, contained within a relatively obscure 90 minute ‘motion to annul’. The detail is somewhat technical and most readers, indeed most of my constituents, will not have noticed it one iota.

NHS Staff Pay Increases

One thing we can be clear about is that this has been yet another very challenging winter for the NHS. Ambulance staff have described the situation as “catastrophic”.

Recent Brexit Article

For seasoned observers of European politics in the UK, to hear a Prime Minister speaking about ‘five tests’ will spark memories of previous battles over our future relations with the EU.

Speculative Planning Applications

There is no doubt in my mind that recent weeks have seen an acceleration in what might be termed ‘speculative applications’ for permission to build new homes in Babergh.