So many victories have been won, but we're not letting up

I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute a column to this newspaper, and preparing for my first copy made me look at some of the promises I made when I was first elected in 2015 (alongside Jo Churchill, MP for Bury St Edmunds, who moves deservedly to the whips’ office and in so doing frees

My thoughts on the Autumn Budget

I was pleased to see that Sudbury in Bloom have organised a family daffodil bulb planting event for this Saturday. It is a reminder of how things have changed somewhat in relation to the timing of the annual Parliamentary pageant that is the Budget financial statement.

EFTA and the EU Labour Market

James Cartlidge: We should consider joining EFTA – which would give us the brake on unskilled EU migration that we may need

Reaction to Delphi & Konings news

Returning from a very pleasant break in North Norfolk, one of the most striking features of the constituency in-tray that awaits is a tale of two contrasting pieces of economic news.

Reaction to Delphi news

With politics so tumultuous in recent times, it seems extraordinary to me that it was actually only two years ago that I was making my maiden speech as a brand new Member of Parliament.

My thoughts on the Spring Budget

James Cartlidge: The devastating truth at the heart of the NICs row. We’re palming difficult decisions off on the next generation.

Progress on technical education

For many years the UK has performed poorly in the international productivity tables. In real terms, this means that in 2015, for every comparable hour worked in Germany, the UK produced 37% less output. Average productivity across the G7 countries falls 18% above the UK.

New rail depot for Suffolk/Essex border

A multi-million pound new rail maintenance workshop is set to be built near Manningtree as part of the new Abellio franchise to run trains in the region for the next nine years.

EU Referendum

Why do I believe that the UK should remain in the EU?