Local News

Visit to Nethergate Brewery, Long Melford

I enjoyed a brilliant brewery tour at Nethergate Brewery in Long Melford. Sampled their famous beers such as Growler, and delighted that my colleagues will be able to do the same when Umbel is on the House of Commons tap next week.

Delphi Update

This morning I was pleased to update the Sudbury business forum about recent progress in relation to the Delphi site.

South Suffolk Taskforce Business Forum

In the wake of the announcement that the Delphi plant in Sudbury would be closing, I convened the South Suffolk Taskforce to look at how we could make our local economy as competitive and prosperous as possible. 

The Voice of the Turtle Dove

Jamie Wyver from RSPB explains why bird-friendly farmers are the key to making sure that the voice of the Turtle Dove is heard over the United Kingdom