Brexit Update March 2019

I have received a huge number of emails and other communications on the subject of Brexit, and although I cannot conceivably cover every point raised, I will try to set out my position as far as possible.


MP Publishes ‘No Deal’ Feedback

James Cartlidge, MP for South Suffolk, has unveiled some of the key responses he has received in approaching local firms and farms for their views on the potential impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. All contributors, other than trade organisations, have been treated confidentially.

New community orchard planted in Clare

New community orchard planted in Clare for benefit of future generations

Volunteers behind a newly-installed community orchard in Clare believe future generations will benefit from the fruits of their labour.

No More A14 Delays Campaign

‘It’s firmly on the radar’ – transport secretary acknowledges A14 problems

Sandy Martin MP, James Cartlidge MP, Suffolk County Council deputy leader Mary Evans, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, Jo Churchill MP and Mark Pendlington Picture: BRAD JONES