Hadleigh Taskforce meeting

Interesting & useful South Suffolk Taskforce forum in Hadleigh’s historic Guildroom opposite their poppy-adorned church.

Wage growth

One factor above all is often cited as the reason why our modern politics seems to be unstable, and that is the freeze in wages many have felt since the 2008 financial crash.

My Thoughts on a 'People's Vote'

I have recently received a large number of emails and social media messages encouraging me to support a so called ‘people’s vote’ or second referendum. Others, most notably William Hague, have already set out what I see as very strong arguments against re-running the Brexit vote.

Progress for First Time Buyers

This may be a Brexit dominated Parliament, but there is general agreement across our polity that housing must be close to the most important domestic issue for day to day concerns.

Visit to Nethergate Brewery, Long Melford

I enjoyed a brilliant brewery tour at Nethergate Brewery in Long Melford. Sampled their famous beers such as Growler, and delighted that my colleagues will be able to do the same when Umbel is on the House of Commons tap next week.