Road and Rail

One of my main commitments as the Member of Parliament for South Suffolk is to improve the transport services in our area. This is a multi-faceted challenge that encompasses both road and rail issues.

Regarding our roads, there are three specific projects that I am particularly concentrated on progressing: safety improvements to the A12 junctions, reducing the noise pollution on the Belstead section of the A14, and campaigning for a Sudbury relief road to alleviate pressure on the town centre. More generally, one of my first meetings after the election was with the Highways Agency to address the long-running road works on the A12 from Stratford St Mary to the Copdock junction. I am willing to intervene when an authority is not providing an adequate level of service.

Concerning our rail services, I appreciate and share the frustrations that my constituents feel about this subject. On the main line to London, I would like to see substantial improvements to the standard of service that we receive, a matter that I have already discussed with those companies going to tender for the franchise. I have also held many meetings regarding the Sudbury line and I am keen to ensure that there are infrastructure improvements to the line itself in addition to an improved solution to the connection at Marks Tey. Ultimately, I will campaign heavily for a direct line to London.

Some of these are vast infrastructure projects that will require both considerable time and funding. However, I am committed to these goals as I believe that they are crucial to the continued prosperity of our constituency.