Pylons in South Suffolk

On this page you will find information and updates regarding National Grid's proposals to reinforce the high voltage electricity transmission network in our region.

Through National Grid's plans to reinforce the network, they have proposed two projects specific to East Anglia, the first being Bramford to Twinstead in March 2021, and East Anglia GREEN in April 2022.

I understand the impact that these pylon proposals can have on the countryside and, in particular, the detrimental affect to people's lives. As such, alongside my neighbouring MP colleagues, we set up a group called OffSET (Off Shore Electricity-Grid Task Force) in October 2021 and have been campaigning together for an Offshore grid ever since.

You can find various letters below that OffSET MP's and I have sent to National Grid and to the Energy Minister regarding our objections to the most recent East Anglia GREEN proposals.

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The South Suffolk MP James Cartlidge has spoken out against National Grid's proposal to build 180km of electricity pylons connecting Norwich to Tilbury in Essex via a substation in Bramford. He says undersea cabling ought to be considered as an alternative. Credit: Archant